a collection of stuff and things



My daily driver is the iPhone 12 Pro. I’ve been an iPhone user since the 4 model and generally upgrade every two or three years.


The iPad Pro 11 inch - second generation is my daily computer of choice having upgrade from a rather old yet capable MacBook Air from 2012.

Almost everything I need to do these days can be done in the browser or via dedicated apps.


I wear two daily. The Apple Watch Series 4, as this is the best smartwatch available to me and none of the newer models offer significant benefits to warrant the upgrade.

I also wear a Garmin 945 as I’ve found this to be the best activity and sleep tracking watch given it’s superior battery life and it’s back to start GPS tracking map is super userful when out on a long run.


I use an Apple TV in the office and have Firesticks from Amazon too, with all other TVs at home runnning Firesticks.


I use the Shokz opencomm for digital calls, its boom mic is handy and offers good noise reduction and the bone conduction method I find is great for public settings or offices where ambient noise is needed.

I also use the Shockz Aeropex as this offers high enough quality audio for podcasts, music, videos etc whilst being lightweight and long battery life.


I use the kindle Paperwhite as my device of choice for reading books, I own less than dozen physical books and would ideally move to an all digitial approach in time.

I use the app NetNewsWire as my RSS reader of choice and will look to subscribe to websites and blogs and tend to avoid hitting websites directly due largely to cookie polices, adverts, and shitty design.