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Week Three

Started the week strongly with a decent 7.1 mile easy run, having been able to finish work a little earlier than usual. Wednesday was an easy run commute taking a slight detour, as usual, the most direct route is around 1.4 miles. I do try and get a bit more in and take a scenic route.

Thursday was track day - two sets of 5x 400m effort with 400m recovery jogs and a two minutes break between sets. Thursday included a warm-up and cool down - which essentially is a steady jog from work to the track and back again.

A night at a friends house playing board games meant I didn’t get home until 2am, that ruled out ParkRun. Oops.

Sunday long run was 9.2 miles and due to a planned day out with the extended family I was out the door before 7am.

Overall happy with the mileage, but could of hit over 32 if I had an earlier night on Friday.

  • 7.1 miles - easy run commute
  • 3.2 miles - easy run commute
  • 7.9 miles - track session with warm-up/cool down
  • 9.2 miles - Long run

Published 20 January 2019, with 191 words.