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Week Six

Usual Monday extended run commute, nice and easy. Legs were still a bit tired and my left knee is hurting, feeling bruised.

Did Wednesday’s easy run commute and again the knee was struggling so opted out of the track session on Thursday and had two days rest instead. Saturday felt good, so 2.5 miles warmup. 3.1 miles ParkRun and a 1.7 mile cool down. The ParkRun was ace. Set off fast and held on and still managed a sprint finish, clocking an official time of 22:31, my fastest this year and third fastest overall (PB remains 22:24) and a marked improvement on recent runs (23:20-24:20 range).

Sunday I took a nice an easy long slow run for 9.5 miles.

  • 5.3 miles - commute
  • 3.1 miles - commute
  • 7.3 miles - warmup/down and parkrun
  • 9.5 miles - long run

Published 10 February 2019, with 140 words.