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Week Seven

Monday afternoon easy run for 5 miles, not the usual commute, having taken the day as leave.

Unable to run wednesday as usual due to work commitments, so ended up with a shorter run on Thursday, and an even shorter one on Friday evening.

Saturday was the usual ParkRun routine, clocking in at 23:04, I wasn’t able to push from the start like last week due to the increased numbers and starting position.

Sunday was an early 9 mile long run, having been woken up by the daughter before 7am I was out the door as soon as possible.

Overall I’m happy with the mileage this week, but work/life/running balance has been hard the last couple of weeks.

  • 5 miles - commute
  • 2.3 miles - errands and commute
  • 1.2 miles - commute
  • 7.7 miles - 2.5 warmup, 3.1 ParkRun, 2 cooldown
  • 9 miles - long run

Published 18 February 2019, with 148 words.