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Week Nine

Monday afternoon easy run for 5 miles.

Thursday I ran just over 2 miles after attending a programming type nerd evening. It overran slightly so couldn’t change into running gear before hhe security guard kicked us out so did the run in jeans. It rained heavily and I was soaked through. Loved it though.

Saturday was the usual 2.5 mile warm up and 3.1 mile ParkRun. I clocked in at 22:30 - my best age graded rating and joint second fastest time ever. Having put this effort in I skipped the cool down run home and walked instead and had a good catch up with a friend.

Sunday was a heart rate focused long run, clocking 9.5 miles and kept the heart rate under 148bpm - I did spike over this on a couple of inclines or crossing busy roads. Again it was very very wet and windy. I ran with a smile throughout.

Slightly reduced mileage this week - mainly due to missing wednesday’s run and the saturday cool down. I think the rest will do me good and I’m well ahead of pace.

  • 5 miles - commute
  • 2.3 miles - commute
  • 5.6 miles - 2.5 warm up + 3.1 ParkRun
  • 9.5 miles - long run

Published 3 March 2019, with 209 words.