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Week Four

Full of cold so and a tight calf, so took monday as a rest day. I worked a half-day on Tuesday so managed a 4.9 lunch time run - without the backpack so felt lighter and faster, then did 1.2 mile (direct) commute home.

Wednesday evening was the usual longer commute with a bit extra to get to 4.4 miles.

Thursday was a 0.5 mile warmup followed by a 9 lots of 2 minutes on 2 minutes off fartlek session.

Saturday as a short warmup and Cheltenham ParkRun (24:01 official time) It was busy and I got boxed in by buggies and kids, but managed to catch up with friends to finish 1 second behind them come the end.

Sunday was supposed to be long run day, but it was cold and wet and my legs were tired, so I ended up doing 5.7 miles around PittVille park trying to stay ‘off road’ and get some cross-country style work in - just to give my legs something different to think about. I am still getting used to the Apple Watch and somehow managed to pause the workout, and run a lap before realising and then starting it up again - so 5.7 miles clocked, but probably nearer 6.5 overall.

  • 6.1 miles - tempo and commute
  • 4.4 miles - commute
  • 4.9 miles - workout
  • 5.1 miles - ParkRun
  • 5.7 miles - long run

Published 27 January 2019, with 234 words.