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Week Five

An odd week, started with the usual longer run commute on monday. Due to work commitments and my boss leaving after 24 years’ service I opted to play crazy golf (wednesday) and go to the pub (friday) instead of any running.

I also attended a tech meetup hosted by my company on Thursday so was limited to just a direct commute home around 9pm.

Saturday was supposed to be ParkRun and a recovery 5 miles or so after, but the icy conditions meant it was cancelled so after I had got to the meeting point and released it was off, I continued on and put together a total 10.5 mile long run.

Sunday I ran 6.3 miles targeting a fast finish - to replicate race conditions. My legs were still heavy from Saturday so it did feel like the end of a half marathon or more. I ended up with a progression run (getting faster each mile) which was pleasing and shows in getting into good racing shape.

overall slightly shorter mileage this week having had work commitments and having already made my 100 mile target for January. Very happy with how things are going and well on pace to meet my goal.

  • 5.1 miles - easy commute
  • 1.2 miles - easy commute
  • 10.6 miles - long run
  • 6.3 miles - progression run

Published 3 February 2019, with 225 words.