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Week Eight

Monday afternoon easy run for 5.4 miles, the usual commute.

Wednesday was a 6x hill work out and easy run commute home. I actually really enjoyed this but did feel it in my legs. Will need to keep these up and try and get to 8, 10, 12 reps.

Thursday was just a direct 1.2 mile run commute.

Saturday I ran a longer warm-up to parkrun, cruised round for sub 22:53 at ParkRun and a 2 mile cool down afterwards. Strava gives every run a relative effort (some metric calculated based on heart rate. According to their analysis of my parkrun it had a score of 6. and that my hear rate (well 96.5% of the time) was in Zone 2 - moderate and that for me means between 126 and 157 beats per minute.

The Strava Relative Effort is an analysis of your heart rate data. By tracking your heart rate through your workout and its level relative to your maximum heart rate, we attach a value to show exactly how hard you worked. The more time you spend going full gas and the longer your activity, the higher the score.

Essentially this means to me that given that it was almost no effort according to my hear to run 22:53 I should be able to run a lot faster if I tried. my PB for 5km/3.1 miles at ParkRun is 22:24. I should be aiming to PB soon.

Sunday I was pushed for time having had family over for the weekend so got in a 45 minute sunday run clocking in just over 5 miles.

  • 5.4 miles - commute
  • 4.3 miles - 3.1 workout + 1.2 commute
  • 1.2 mile - commute
  • 8.1 miles - 3 warmup, 3.1 ParkRun, 2 cooldown
  • 5.1 miles - long run

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