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Week 43

Monday, was a later than planned return from the south, so I opted to skip the club run, instead clocking 3.7 miles recovery on Tuesday morning. Tuesday night I signed up for stroud half for the sunday.

Thursday I had an off site all day meeting, so chose to walk there and run commute the 1.8 miles back - again nice and easy.

Saturday was park run but again going nice and easy

Sunday was race day (third in a row) doing the Stroud Half, although I had planned to run with a friend and aim for 2:00:00 so would be running pretty easy compared to the previous races, We ran pretty well and felt comfortable for 11 or so miles then had to dig in to get over the line. We finished together at 1:50:20 so outside a PB by under 2 minutes. The course was very nice, and the biggest hill wasn’t too bad as it was long and steady, the narrow course, next to passing traffic was unusual for me, and made overtaking in these areas hard.

Perhaps on another day we could have made up the 2 or more minutes needed to get a better time.

I have now completed my challenge however, finishing the week with a total of 1006 miles for the year.

  • 3.7 miles - easy recovery run
  • 1.8 miles - easy commute
  • 3.4 miles - park run and warm up
  • 13.8 miles - Stroud half plus warm up

Published 26 October 2019, with 248 words.