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Week 39

Monday, we ran in the rain for 4 miles on the club run moving on to a winter course.

Saturday, I ran to and set up parkrun and then ran a 25 minute parkrun, totally 5 miles for the day

Sunday was the Cheltenham Half, clocking in 15.5 miles in total including a warmup. The race didn’t go to plan, having pulled a quad muscle around mile 9. I struggled to get round and finished at 1:55. So still somewhat better than my first attempt, but well short of my PB (1:48) and my goal (1:45)

I have now clocked 927 miles for the year and need to rest and recover for Birmingham in a couple of weeks time.

  • 5.4 miles - easy club run
  • 5 miles - park run and warm up and down
  • 15.5 miles - warmup and half marathon

Published 29 September 2019, with 144 words.