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Week 38

Monday, I was joined by a friend on the club run, so opted for the shorter 6 mile route - but put in some effort aiming for 8:30 pacing.

Wednesday at the club’s speed session we did 6 minutes of fartlek (30 seconds at 10km, 30 seconds 5km and 30 seconds rest) followed by 8x 3 minutes at 5km pace. All my efforts under 7 minute / mile pace.

Saturday I volunteered at parkrun, setting up and running 4.9 miles overall, although my watch failed to record my entire parkrun effort (22:11 - a new course PB) I have opted to add a manual entry to make up the shortfall.

Sunday the usual long run day, I opted for 3 miles easy, 1 mile steady, 3 miles at goal pace and 1 mile recovery for 8 overall.

Ticking over to 900 miles now. with 3 months still to go.

It’s half marathon time next sunday, so will reduce volume as I taper in preparation.

  • 7.0 miles - easy club run
  • 6.5 miles - speedwork
  • 4.9 miles - park run and warm up and down
  • 8.0 miles - long run

Published 22 September 2019, with 191 words.