Weak notes

by Benny

typically less than weekly things of note

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Week 37

Monday was the 8 mile club run, ran very easy and with a little warmup.

Wednesday was the club’s 5km time trial. I didn’t race this as legs were still feeling heavy after last week’s efforts but I did aim for tempo pace and still managed to finish 30 seconds faster than last time. Still someway short of my 5km PB though.

Saturday as an unusual day, I ran home from games night at a friends house at 1:30 in the morning, then after 5 hours sleep ran to parkrun to setup, the wife then picked me up and took me to another parkrun near home to run there, as it was the inaugural event I then did a little cool down.

Sunday was a easy long run of 10.3 miles at Zone 2 heart rate, I spent 15 seconds in Z3 after a little hill. Felt pretty good afterwards.

I’m now on 875 miles for the year according to Strava. With the half marathon a fortnight away I should be hitting around 920 miles by the end of the month.

  • 8.6 miles - easy club run
  • 4.7 miles - 5km time trial
  • 7.1 miles - park run and warm up and down
  • 10.3 miles - easy long run