Foot notes

by Benny

Running 1000 miles to raise 1000 pounds in 2019 for Acorns Children's Hospice

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Week 31

A high mileage week again.

Monday was the club run 10km, but with warm up it totalled 7.2 miles. Mostly at an easy to very easy pace, with walking breaks for the newest member who was stepping up from 4 miles.

On Wednesday we were back at the CLC sports centre for the speedwork session.

  • 2x 6 minutes @ 10km pace with 3 minutes walking recovery
  • 4x 3 minutes @ 5km pace with 1.5 minutes walking recovery
  • 4x 1 minutes @ 1 mile pace with 1 minute walking recovery

and a cool down. This work out took me to 698 miles for the end of July.

Saturday I was volunteering to set up parkrun, so ran 1.5 miles there, 3.1 miles park running at an effort pace (23:18).

Sunday was a nice and easy long run for 100 minutes - focusing very much on the time rather than distance, clocking in 10.3 miles.

  • 7.2 miles - easy club run
  • 6.7 miles - progressive run
  • 4.5 miles - park run and warm up and down
  • 10.3 miles - long run