Weak notes

by Benny

typically less than weekly things of note

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Week 30

A higher mileage week now that the half marathon training block has begun on top of really enjoying the CLC Striders club sessions.

Monday was the club run 10km, but with warmup it totalled 6.9 miles. Mostly at an easy to very easy pace.

Tuesday was a little progressive 5km late in the evening, as it turns out I didn’t have much on. (3.1 miles)

On Wednesday we were back at the CLC sports centre for the speedwork session.

  • 5 minutes @ HM pace with 90 seconds static recovery
  • 4 minutes @ 10km pace with 90 seconds static recovery
  • 3 minutes @ 5km pace with 90 seconds static recovery
  • 2 minutes @ 1 mile pace with 60 seconds static recovery
  • 1 minute @ 800m pace

I ignored the static recovery and choose to walk instead, I find the stop/start quite hard on the legs.

The next part of the session after a good couple of minutes break as an 8 minute fartlek between 10km, 5km and 3km pace switches.

Saturday I was volunteering to set up parkrun, so ran 2 miles there, 3.1 miles parkrunning at an easy pace (24:26) and 2.8 miles recovery/cool down

Sunday was a nice and easy long run for 90 minutes - focusing very much on the time rather than distance, clocking in 9 miles.

  • 6.9 miles - easy club run
  • 3.1 miles - progressive run
  • 4.8 miles - Speedwork
  • 7.8 miles - park run and warm up and down
  • 9.0 miles - long run