Weak notes

by Benny

typically less than weekly things of note

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Week 25

Monday 6.2 miles (10km) along what was the old Striders run route. I was a bit late to the group so tried the route anyway and didn’t see anybody.

Wednesday as Striders speedwork session covering 5.2 miles overall

Thursday was an easy run commute home covering 1.2 miles

Saturday I ran to parkrun did parkrun and picked up my free parcel from the Co-op there and walked to the supermarket on the way home totally 4.5 miles of running on the day. There was an open garden event in the afternoon, so covered around another 4 miles walking

Sunday was a chance to get in a decent long-run ahead of Leamington Spa half marathon - 11.3 miles before meeting the family at the local swimming pool for an hour family swim

It does mean a significant jump in mileage for the week, I’ll need to replicate that next week too, in order to be ready for the half.

  • 6.2 miles easy
  • 5.2 miles workout
  • 1.2 miles easy commute
  • 4.5 miles 3.1 miles parkrun
  • 11.3 miles long run