Weak notes

by Benny

typically less than weekly things of note

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Week 24

Monday 5.2 miles easy in the heat of Crete even at 6am it was 24 degrees.

Wednesday was 5.3 miles of workout at CLC Striders my new running club.

Sunday was 2.7 miles of warming up and cool down either side of 6.3 (10km) at the Cheltenham Challenge finishing inside an hour on what was a tricky course with soft going, muddy puddles, roaming cows, gates and traffic. Really struggled to get going on this one and legs felt heavy and lacked energy.

Did try out my new Salomon 5 set vest though and its comfy and holds plenty

  • 5.2 mile easy
  • 5.3 miles easy
  • 9.1 miles easy and race