by Benny

Running 1000 miles to raise 1000 pounds in 2019 for Acorns Children's Hospice

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Week 18

Week began on Tuesday with 4.45 miles at a steady pace with only a 3 second margin between paces on the first 4 miles.

Wednesday and Friday were both direct run commutes home, work has been intense for a while now and that hampers the ability to squeeze in runs before daughter’s bed time

Saturday I ran to parkrun, did a pleasing 22:41, a cool down on the way back and then did a lap of the local park too totally 8.9 miles for the day.

Sunday was the usual long run clocking in 9.1 miles witha fast last mile and using the .1 of a mile to cool down.

Total for the week was 25 miles bang on my target.

  • 4.4 miles - steady run
  • 1.2 miles - run commute
  • 1.2 miles - run commute
  • 8.9 miles - commuting to parkrun, Parkrun, and a couple of cool downs back
  • 9.1 miles - faster finish long run