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Week 17

4.5 miles nice and easy in the heat on Monday, followed by 0.9 mile commute/warm up to the leisure centre for a booking and 1.9 miles tempo run home.

On saturday I volunteered to set up at park run so ran there, but due to a shortage of marshall’s I volunteered instead of running (I also forgot my barcode). I then ran home.

On Sunday I ran 7 miles at Zone 2 hear rate pace and then pushed on for the last 2.5 miles

20.4 miles for the week is a little under where I’d like to be but it did mean I clicked over 401 miles for the year. 4 months in the 1000 mile target is looking very achievable.

  • 4.5 miles easy
  • 2.8 miles 0.9 warm up and 1.9 tempo
  • 3.5 miles commuting to parkrun and back
  • 9.5 miles faster finish long run

Published 28 April 2019, with 147 words.