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Week 16

Feeling really pushed for time at the moment, so Monday was a 1.6 mile commute home, Tuesday I was able to squeeze in a run commuting home for 1.4 miles, but then went out again after putting the daughter to bed and did 4.5 miles around the local park.

Wednesday was a mini workout doing 2.1 miles - some more hill repeats, but just didn’t feel good so cut it short.

Saturday, after two days rest, felt much better, I ran to parkRun, helped set-up, ran 23 minutes, did a cool down with a friend and then ran back home with a friend and then another who had been volunteering, covering around 9 miles for the day.

Sunday long run was just 6.6 miles - feeling the heat.

  • 1.6 miles commute
  • 5.9 miles 1.4 miles commute + 4.5 miles easy run
  • 2.1 miles workout
  • 9.0 miles 2.5 mile warmup, 3.1 parkrun, 3.4 cooldown
  • 6.6 miles long run

Published 21 April 2019, with 159 words.