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Week 15

Work commitments meant I was unable to run on the Monday, instead I was able to run Tuesday instead as per the 10km training plan - I covered 4 miles at tempo pace.

Wednesday I simply ran home. Thursday as another session on the plan - it was supposed to be 4-6 lots of 1km at cruise interval pace which is around 20 seconds per mile slower than my goal pace - but instead I did a progression run starting off easy into a tempo.

Saturday I volunteered at ParkRun so ran there and back. To make up for shorter saturday mileage I covered 11 miles at Zone 2 heart rate zone - which for me is up to 148 bpm. This run was around 15 seconds per mile faster than my last attempt on this route.

  • 5.5 miles - 4.2 miles including 2x 2 mile tempo and commute
  • 1.2 miles - commute home
  • 4.3 miles - 4 mile progression and 2x strides to finish
  • 4.7 miles - 2.5 warmup, 2.2 cool down
  • 11 miles - long run

Published 14 April 2019, with 180 words.