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Week 14

Began the week well with a solid 6.2 miles in an hour as I start my 10km race plan. I have been very busy with work including some longer days so only managed a 2.5 mile tempo run on the thursday.

Saturday we had plans so had to do a slightly reduced distance/time for parkrun, taking in a tempo effort. Sunday was a long slow run trying to keep heart rate under 148 (Zone 3 for me)

despite the lack of time, i’m pleased with some decent mileage, having had two lower weeks prior to that. I don’t feel particularly fresh going into week 15 but we’ll see how things pan out.

  • 6.2 miles - easy
  • 2.5 miles - tempo
  • 7.5 miles - 2.6 warmup, 3.1 tempo parkrun, 1.8 cool down
  • 10.8 miles - long run

Published 7 April 2019, with 138 words.