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Week 12

Last Saturday and Sunday runs were difficult and legs were hurting quite a lot. I have a dull and persistent ache in both my hamstrings and knee pain. It might be a sign of over training, I’ve never had 10 consecutive weeks averaging 25 mile weeks before. I’m well on pace to complete 1000 by year end so I took the decision to rest until I felt ok to run.

So Saturday I did a 3 mile warmup 23:32 at ParkRun and a 3.1 mile cool down followed by a 5.1 mile run on sunday - which was an easy 45 minutes recovery in Zone 2 (4.2 miles) and 5 strides and a jog home.

  • 9.2 miles - 3.0 warmup, 3.1 parkrun and 3.1 cooldown
  • 5.1 miles - easy + strides

Published 24 March 2019, with 133 words.