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Week 11

Starting the week with a 6 mile run commute home via the honeybourne line up to the racecourse, mile two has a bit of an incline so tried this at tempo effort and then added a bit more tempo in miles 4 and 6 - having done no speedwork last week.

Wednesday I repeated a previous workout session by doing 6 reps of the Parabola road hill loop with a warm-up and cool-down to make it up to 3.1 miles, I then did the direct run home for another 1.2 miles

Saturday was the usual 2.5 miles warmup, followed by 3.1 miles at ParkRun, and 1.9 miles cool down - My legs have been very sore and heavy this week so took ParkRun nice and steady and clocked in around 25 minutes.

The leg issues continued into Sunday when I normally do a long run - I managed a mere 4.9 miles and was struggling to turnover my legs at all.

  • 6 miles - easy + tempo commute
  • 4.3 miles - workout + commute
  • 1.2 miles - easy commute
  • 7.5 miles - 2.5 warmup, 3.1 ParkRun, 1.9 cool down
  • 4.9 miles - very easy recovery

Published 17 March 2019, with 197 words.