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by Benny

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Stupid taxes

  1. Anything that doesn’t help you towards your goals is a tax on your time (e.g fictional TV)
  2. Branded items are a tax on status, self-esteem, and not a tax on quality
  3. Renewals on subscriptions or direct debits (energy, insurance etc.) are a tax on laziness - shop around
  4. The lottery is tax for those unable to do maths
  5. Full price items are a tax on laziness - use price comparison, discount or cash back sites
  6. Late nights and long days at work are a tax on your recovery, performance, and wellbeing.
  7. Unnecessary possessions are a tax on time, space, and money - only buy what you need and can afford
  8. Credit (debt) - is a tax on your financial freedom

Inspired by a YouTube video