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Secret Hitler - Top-decking before the reshuffle.

Advanced game play.

It is advantageous for liberals to ‘nein’ 3 successive governments at the point five cards remain in the deck and the previous claims suggest seeing just four blues. In other words there are two blues remaining.

This forces the top card to be played. Which may or may not be red, and as long as the board has seen 4 blues claimed, it’s likely 2, 3, or 4 have been played. Especially in even number games when the fascists have to be more discreet.

The next successful government then has to pick the top three cards from the four remaining. If the top-decked card was red, there is a 75% chance of a blue card sitting in the 3 cards drawn. The other could sit bottom and not picked. Or two blues can be picked - forcing a blue to be played - unless both the president and chancellor are both fascists.

If three reds are played it proves that a previous president had lied about the claim. Or indeed the most recent government claiming three reds, although the logic when discussed puts great pressure on the president to play the blue.

In over 1000 games played, it is very common to see the liberals lead three blues to two reds at the reshuffle, if the deck has been unlucky or fascists have been in power twice the deck might be two blue to three red. So this advanced gameplay helps give the liberals the advantage and points the finger at previous presidents - maybe those claiming three reds, or those claiming just one blue but actually getting two or three.