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Secret Hitler - Power Play on 4 liberal vs 2 fascist board

Advanced game play.

On a board of 4 liberals vs 2 fascist cards it is advised to pick the next president as chancellor.

The chancellor is in a position of having to declare their team, either by winning the game for liberals or keeping fascists in the game, on the assumption the president is liberal and draws a blue card.

This stratgey gives the room more information on the next president and chancellor and should they end up in conflict, can be voted down, having identified one fascist from two players.

The rest of the room should be able to carry on with a liberal majority. If the combination draws 3R policies the room can judge whether this is likely and whether to ‘freeze’ the two players from further action for safety.

The deck would suggest three reds is more likely given 4 of the 6 blues have been played, but the strategy is worth it for the information you gain.