Weak notes

by Benny

typically less than weekly things of note

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Setting up an online account

Before signing up to any website or service I go through the following process:

  • identify site.
    • search for account deletion options
      • on site
      • on search engine
  • search for two factor authentication options
  • search for integrations (ifttt, shortcuts.app, other automation tools, etc)
  • read TOCs and privacy policy
  • look at subscription options
  • create account with throw away email address and password
  • password reset
    • if password is plain text delete / change details and find alternative website/service
    • else continue
  • correct email and password on account.
  • leave as many profile fields empty as possible and delete data where possible.
  • use dedicated one off email address or tag like user+tag[@].domain.tld
  • enable two factor auth options
  • add account to password manager
  • use service

At any point the information returned is not acceptable find an alternative.

Essentially only sign up to services/sites that:

  • support 2FA
  • do not store passwords in plain text
  • share my ethics/morals
  • do not share my data other than absolutely neccesary
  • allows account to be deleted