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Setting Up a Custom Domain for iCloud Email - MacStories

This post published during the beta phase talks about rough edges and and I’ve tried setting this up. But the three address limit is the blocker for me. I use over 125 different addresses.

I could consolidate down I guess, but I shouldn’t need to. Plus aliasing or entire domain forwarding would be ideal. I can leave three addresses I can “send” from.

I’m currently using the open beta of cloudflare’s email routing saving £5 a month on google workspaces.

Rough edges are to be expected during a beta process, so I assume the public release of this feature will have a proper presence in iCloud settings on all Apple devices. But for now, if you don’t know how to start using a custom email address for iCloud, just wait until it shows up in Mail alongside your aliases.

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Published 1 May 2022, with 141 words.