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Roambi - Keep Your Team’s Stats Close and Their Opponent's Even Closer

For decades football fans having been discussing players, referees, decisions, and results. As technology improves the way in which we communicate, it becomes much more easy to debate these topics with fellow and opposition fans all around the world.

Additionally, the union of data and football has become an integral part of the match-watching experience. Mobile applications now provide live data analysis, buzzwords like ‘big data’ are becoming household terms, and business intelligence tools are becoming more accessible to the common sports fanatic. It is now possible to drive the debate and decision-making of our favorite sports by equipping supporters with unparalleled statistical knowledge.

Providing insight into a massive pool of data I work at a statistics agency as a web developer, and Roambi was recommended to my company as feedback for our own mobile application. For the past three years, I’ve used my spare time to record and provide Chelsea football club statistics, and Roambi seemed like the perfect way to provide insight into the data I was collecting.

Roambi Analytics Mobile Analytics

To view my Chelsea Stats reports, download Roambi Analytics for iPad and iPhone.

I produced my first Roambi report by copying my data into a spreadsheet, then used Roambi to create a simple pie chart ordering opposition by results with certain referees. The more I used Roambi, the more I loved its simplicity and ease of use, so I expanded my data sets to include pass completion for each player by game to an annual record of goals, assists, and appearances. I also provided location specific data, player performances, referee analysis, and the team’s overall record by season.

Expanding my reach with Roambi

As I expanded the number of football statistics reports I created with Roambi, I began sharing them through social media, and my reach has since doubled over the last 12 months to about 85,000 football fans on Twitter. All this data (about 30 reports) is available on the iPhone and iPad without a wifi connection, giving football fans debating in the pub or in the stadium concourse before matches the ability to verify their opinions with data that is clear, easy to understand, and easy to share.

Looking to the future of sport

This is just the start of providing intelligence to supporters in an industry that has become more stats driven and increasingly scrutinising of performances, ultimately influencing decision-making in the football business. Roambi has provided a unique way to improve my own content delivery and provide information to my own customers, the fans.

You can download any of my reports using Roambi’s built-in email delivery service here, or follow me on Twitter at @ChelseaStats to get the latest Chelsea Stats reports.

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