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News consumption and read later.

I subscribe to all RSS feeds on Feedly with their free tier. I stay on their title list view. A touch on iOS adds the news item to their ‘saved for later’ tag. A click of the bookmark icon on other devices does the same.

I the use an IFTTT to send any new “saved for later” articles to my email. This is the registered email for the IFTTT account. I have saved this to my contacts with the name ‘Read Later’.

Having tried Pocket, Apple News, Apple’s reading list (removed in iOS 11.0.x) and a bunch of other apps, getting an email seems the simplest way to focus on what to read.

I am strict on who/what I get emails from, so handle less than 20 a day.

I also have an IFTTT that takes the first url of a saved tweet and saves it to Feedly’s ‘saved for later’ list too.

Websites that don’t provide RSS like are a crime against humanity.

Published 15 October 2017, with 165 words.