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Jokes about Job Searching

  • I applied for a job and haven’t heard anything. It was at a chiropractors about a weak back.

  • I also applied to work for a TV UX design company. But I miss understood when they said it was remote-first.

  • I’ve also missed out on joining a well known large sweet manufacturing business. To be honest it was my fault as I choked in the practical interview.

  • Finally I’ve also interviewed at the bird food making company, but waiting to see if they have a successful seed funding round, as I don’t come cheep.

  • I’ve also asked my local hairdressers if they had any vacancies, but they were going through a round of cuts.

  • Might look at yoghurt companies next as apparently they have great cultures.

  • Oh wait, it looks like the mining company has some vacancies, let me dig a little deeper.

  • Ah, shame turns out the bakery hasn’t got a roll for me.

Published 27 March 2024, with 172 words.