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How to create a custom GitHub issues template

Having recently created and updated the new ReadMe template homepage on GitHub, I posed a question on what I should be looking at next.

Then I paused for a moment and thought about how someone might want to communicate with me. Being on GitHub creating a new issue would make sense, So I created a link to the issues page. However I would want these items kept separate from other issues related to code/bugs i.e. genuine issues.

GitHub allows you to create custom templates and they get stored in ISSUE_TEMPLATE folder stored in a .GitHub folder in your repository.

Creating a new template is as easy as clicking the add new file button and providing some markdown

You can automatically assign issues to a user, and give it a label Next in my example, pretty neat huh.

As the .GitHub folder and contents are stored in the repository they benefit from source control, so you can edit them in your IDE of choice, commit, create pull requests and all that good stuff.

Published 28 August 2020, with 186 words.