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We need to talk

I’m a middle-aged white male of British descent. I am privileged. And I know it. I’m liberal, I’m open, I’m honest and I say what I think. I listen and I’m always learning and I have worked in the technology industry for over 15 years now.

Over the years things have been getting better - cloud tech, accessibility, an plethora of information behind a little box with a magnifying glass svg. People have begun sharing their progress, their technical problems and solutions online, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube and more! It’s a wonderful time to be a budding engineer. You can learn anything, anywhere, anytime. All at the click of a button.

Things have been getting worse. Women get abused online, cat called, derogatory terms made, just because they are online or are in the public eye. I’m ashamed by my fellow man. Just the other day someone joined a twitch stream and within seconds was asking about taking off clothing. It’s frankly embarrassing, and damn right pathetic and disgusting. A football commentator was called ugly and flat-chested because they had an opinion someone didn’t like. I like football, I like football a lot and yet it’s being ruined by fans who are misogynistic and racist. It’s beyond tribalism and it’s a horrible place to be. There are huge campaigns about ending online hate, saying no to racism, lead by kick it out an entire organisation set up to combat something that shouldn’t exist. Yet women’s football is growing, showing it isn’t just a man’s game. New broadcasting deals and pre-pandemic the biggest crowds the modern game has seen.

Yet in the technology industry, there isn’t the funding or support of huge football teams or broadcasters like BT or Sky, and it’s horrible. And it too needs to stop.

It is just not good enough. Do better.

I’m an ally. I want a thriving and positive technology industry. I want a safe space to work. I support women in technology. I support diversity in technology. I’m inclusive and I’m joining a group of like minded men who will stand together and offer our support.

Published 6 June 2022, with 354 words.