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12 QA Interview questions

  • 1 How do you define the format of writing a good test case?
  • 2 If you had to execute a big suite in a small window of time, how would you do it?
  • 3 How do you know a test was executed correctly?
  • 4 How would you create and sustain quality control?
  • 5 How does one reduce the number of faults in a project?
  • 6 How much testing is sufficient? Or, is it possible to do exhaustive testing of the software?
  • 7 How do you decide when you have tested enough?
  • 8 How do you measure the success and coverage of your tests?
  • 9 If a client found a sizable defect in a status report, how would you resolve the issue to stop it from occurring again?
  • 10 If you joined our company, what three things would you do first?
  • 11 Tell me about a time you missed a bug
  • 12 Tell me about your most difficult project

thought these were quite useful to keep a copy of, but source unknown.

Published 14 April 2023, with 173 words.