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11 ways to get better feedback from your manager

In this week’s newsletter, we’ll cover how to get more and better feedback from your manager:

  1. Make it insanely easy for your manager to give you feedback.
  2. “Feedback” might feel loaded. Ask what to do differently and what worked well.
  3. Give them permission to rip your work apart.
  4. Don’t romanticize feedback. You might already be getting it.
  5. Give your manager something concrete to react to.
  6. Don’t expect your manager to create a structured lesson plan for you.
  7. React positively when you get feedback.
  8. Frame why giving you feedback is ROI positive. It’s not always obvious or true.
  9. Specify what part you need help with.
  10. Be explicit about the type of feedback you’re looking for.
  11. Be the kind of operator managers want to invest in.

Wes Kao →

Published 8 May 2024, with 130 words.