by ChelseaStats

Father, Husband, Gentleman, Runner, Lead Software Developer, Product Owner, Tester, Analyst, ScrumMaster, Automator, Carefree, Liberal, and Champion.


What I am working on in 2019 in no particular order:

health and fitness

I am committed to running 1000 miles (up from 795 last year) in the hope of raising £1000 for Acorns Children’s Hospice.

I plan to run several 10k and half marathon races throughout the year.

I plan to reach 100 park runs ASAP.

To get bodyweight down to 185 pounds.


Spend time with my wife and daughter this is the best aspect of my life and I want to dedicate time to enjoying our life together.

Spending time with close friends and extended family throughout the year.


To watch Chelsea (men, women, and youth in their televised games).


To continue in my new role and up skill in a number of areas whilst encouraging those that report to me to do the same.

To read kindle library around coding and leadership


  • To save enough to buy my wife an eternity ring.
  • To buy myself latest iPhone in October 2019.
  • To buy my family a holiday overseas.
  • To buy usual array of birthday, seasonal and anniversary gifts as appropriate.
  • To get the front wall fixed.
  • The chimney stack removed.
  • Garden fence fixed.