by ChelseaStats

Father, Husband, Gentleman, Insomniac, Lead Developer, Tester, Analyst, ScrumMaster, Commentator, Automator, Runner, Carefree, Liberal, and Champion.

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Stuff I own

A minimalist idealist writes…

Every day carry
Uoobag backpack
Pocket knife
Anti-bacterial gel
Screen cleaner + cloth
Nalgene 1.4l bottle
Fender Stratocaster Squire 50th Anniversary
Chelsea blanket
Chelsea Shirt blanket
Stamford the lion
Stamford bridge 3D stadium
Gentleman pop
Billy pop
Donatello pop
Leonardo pop
Stay puft pop
Sidney Crosby pop
Antonio Brown pop
Carly Telford Shirt
Winchester pocket tool
Secret Hitler
Cards Against Humanity
Donner Dinner Party
Chelsea / Football Books
Chelsea FC yearbooks
The Numbers Game
Inverting the Pyramid
Football Cliches
Football league tables 1888-2004
Football Grounds
Football Lexicon
Play it like Chelsea
Chelsea History book
Programming Books
Pocket Guides - C#Language
Pocket Guides - Ruby
Pocket Guides - Git
Pocket Guides - jQuery
Pocker Guides - Javascript
Pocket Guides - PHP
Pocket Guides - CSS
PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice
Headfirst Javascript
Other Books
Asian Horror Encyclopedia
The All Music guide to the Blues
GCHQ puzzle book
Soledad Brother
Go and Go-Moki
The Checklist
Naked Statistics
Phillip Harkin Collected Poems
The concise dictionary of Psychology
The dictionary of Statistics
Step by Step black and white Photography
Halliwell's film and video guide 2003